Our Electrode tubes are of the finest Japanese quality and consistency.   
Designed specifically for EDM drills, they are available in brass, copper, 
   and coreless in 300mm and 400mm lengths. Also don't forget the               
      CRS (coreless) for your deep hole and blind hole use.

EDM Drill Electrodes Page #1


O.D. I.D.
Copper 0.1mm (.004") 0.03mm
Brass 0.15mm (.006") 0.06mm
Copper 0.15mm(.006") 0.06mm
Brass 0.2mm (.008") 0.09mm
Copper 0.2mm (.008") 0.09mm
Brass 0.25mm(.010") 0.10mm
Copper 0.25mm(.010") 0.10mm
Brass 0.3mm(.012") 0.11mm
Copper 0.3mm(.012") 0.11mm
Brass 0.35mm(.014") 0.12mm
Brass 0.4mm(.016") 0.20mm
Copper 0.4mm(.016") 0.20mm
Brass 0.45mm(.018") 0.20mm
Brass 0.5mm (.020") 0.18mm
Copper 0.5mm(.020") 0.20mm
Brass 0.6mm(.024") 0.20mm
Brass 0.6mm(.024") CRS
Copper 0.6mm(0.024") 0.20mm
Copper 0.6mm(.024") CRS
Brass 0.7mm (.028") 0.25mm
Brass 0.7mm (.028") CRS
Copper 0.7mm(.028") 0.25mm
Copper 0.7mm (.028") CRS
Brass 0.75mm(.030") 0.25mm
Brass 0.8mm(.031") 0.25mm
Brass 0.8mm(.031") CRS
Copper 0.8mm(.031") 0.25mm
Copper 0.8mm(.031") CRS
Brass 0.9mm(.035") 0.30mm
Copper 0.9mm ( .035") 0.30mm
Brass 1.0mm(.039") 0.25mm
Brass 1.0mm(.039") CRS
Copper 1.0mm (.039") 0.25mm
Copper 1.0mm (.039") CRS
Brass 1.1mm(.043") 0.30mm
Brass 1.1mm (.043") CRS
Copper 1.1mm (.043") 0.30mm
Copper 1.1mm(.043") CRS

EDM Drill Electrodes Page #2


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