Our EDM drill guide system will help reduce setup time, maintain more accurate alignment,        
and increase guide life. It's low price will reduce your cost as much as 75% per guide. It adapts 
easily to Current EDM, Chicago EDM, Japax, and most other brands of EDM Hole Drillers.        

Midwest EDM Specialties Guide System

3 in 1 Guide Holder  


Alignment Pin    


Stainless Steel Guide (Blank)  


Stainless Steel Guide (Finished to Size)   $105.00
Carbide Guide (Blank/No Start Hole)  $90.00   
Carbide Guide (Blank/with Start Hole) $115.00
Carbide Guide (Finished to Size)   $140.00
Large Diameter Guide (Blank)  $45.00  
Large Diameter Guide (Finished to Size)   $135.00
Extension Guide (Blank)   $48.50  
Extension Guide (Finished to Size) $135.00
Sapphire Guide   P.O.R.
Adapter insulator Plate   $150.00  
Adapter for Ceramic Guides  $135.00

All prices are subject to change without notice.
Please verify at time of order.  Contact Us


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