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Qty. O.D. I.D. 200mm Long 300mm long  400mm Long 
Brass 2.6mm(.102")       $3.80
Brass 2.7mm(.106")       $3.80
Brass 2.8mm(.110") 0.90mm     $3.80
Brass 2.9mm(.114") 0.90mm     $3.80
Brass 3.0mm(.118") 1.05mm     $3.80
Brass 3.0mm(.118") CRS     $8.50
Copper 3.0mm(.118") 1.00mm     $3.80
Copper 3.0mm(.118") CRS   $7.50  
Brass 3.1mm(.122")       $3.80
Brass 3.1mm(.122") CRS   $7.50  
Copper 3.1mm(.122") 1.00mm   $3.80  
Copper 3.1mm(.122") CRS   $7.50  
Brass 3.2mm(.126")       $3.80
Brass 3.2mm(.126") CRS     $8.50
Copper 3.2mm(.126")     $3.80  
Brass 3.4mm(.130")       $3.80
Brass 3.5mm(.138")       $3.80
Brass 3.7mm(.146") CRS     $9.00
Brass 3.9mm(.154")       $3.80
Brass 3.9mm(.154") CRS   $8.75  
Brass 4.0mm(.157")       $3.80
Brass 4.0mm(.157") CRS     $8.50
Copper 4.0mm(.157") CRS     $9.75
Brass 4.5mm(.177")       $3.80
Brass 4.8mm(.189") CRS   $6.50  
Brass 6.0mm(.236")       $3.80

 Special Size Are Available. 

If the electrode size you are looking for is not listed, please contact us.                              
 We have a wide variety of specialty sizes available also available in .01mm increments.

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